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    Colombia, as a country named by the World Economic Forum as the development center of the 4th Revolution in Latin America, and Bogota, its capital, have assembled a vibrant scene for the emergence of communities, organizations and startups focused on artificial intelligence. Lead by Bogota AI, communities like AI Hub, Colombia.AI, Bogota Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, among others have emerge to bring networking and share spaces in this 7 million people city. Supported by government institutions like Ministerio de Tecnologias and Innpulsa, there is a growing offer of learning courses and mentoring, and founding for people interested in succed in the AI space bringing solutions for local problems. CONTACT: Juan Nates, Bogota AI ambassador


    Connect with 15 community groups promoting the best practices in AI.

    Machine Learning & Data Science | Bogotá
    Members: 6058
    Organizer: Colombia.AI

    Sociedad de los Científicos de Datos Muertos
    Members: 257
    Organizer: Victor

    Bogotá Robotics Meetup
    Members: 162
    Organizer: Karolina Ladino

    AI Hub
    Members: 1637
    Organizer: Jean Phillip Bernier

    Divergentes Bogota D.C.
    Members: 254
    Organizer: Oscar Ruiz

    Robótica & Inteligencia artificial - Colombia
    Members: 143
    Organizer: chbarrer

    Data Science & AI Lab | Bogotá
    Members: 1573
    Organizer: Panda Lab

    RPA+AI – Bogotá
    Members: 226
    Organizer: Investigacion PersonalSoft

    Meetup de Chatbots Bogotá
    Members: 121
    Organizer: Carolina Ledesma

    Bogotá Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
    Members: 482
    Organizer: Ian Gomez

    Open Cloud Colombia
    Members: 213
    Organizer: Jhon Freddy Puentes

    Automatización Robótica de Procesos RPA
    Members: 108
    Organizer: Ivan Dario Giraldo

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    Bogotá Tech Debates
    Members: 91
    Organizer: Nikita Skliarov

    Meetup de Digital Experience en Colombia
    Members: 85
    Organizer: Juan Pablo Jerez Melo

    Hackatòn 2020 - Talenta365
    Members: 1
    Organizer: Isabel Arango


    The voices of the local AI community

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    4 upcoming AI-related events.

    GraalVM and Kaggle

    Tue Feb 25 2020

    Location: Bogota
    Organizer: PayUniversity

    Quantrack - Introducción a la Inteligencia Artificial

    Thu Feb 27 2020

    Location: Bogota
    Organizer: Quantrack A.I - Data-science

    Hackaton 2020

    Fri Feb 28 2020

    Location: Bogota
    Organizer: Hackatòn 2020 - Talenta365

    AIHub # 11 Inteligencia Artificial

    Wed Mar 11 2020

    Location: Bogota
    Organizer: AI Hub

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    Active local organizations and initiatives related to AI

    Bogotá AI

    Location: Bogota
    Categories: Association
    Founded by: Juan Nates, Paula Puertas, Alejandra Zamora, Diego Parra
    Website: https://city.ai/cities/bogota/

    Colombia AI

    Location: Bogota
    Categories: Association
    Founded by: Alejandro Correa
    Website: https://colombia.ai

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    Explore the newest startups working with AI technologies, from a total of 0 companies.

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